Do you want to know about Scom Mbs Check Code and how to check the Scom remaining MBs in the Scom 4G Internet packages? Here is how to check the remaining MBs in Scom. In this article, you will get the Scom Mb Check Code

Check scom remaining MBs

Check scom remaining MBs by codeDial *125#
Check scom remaining MBs by appDownload scom mobile app

This method is very simple and is suitable for Scom prepaid customers who want to know how much Internet MB is left in their Scom account. They can get with a simple method by which you will know Scom MBs check code and how to check Scom remaining MBs. So, here is how to check the Scom remaining Mbs.

How to Check Scom Internet Package Remaining MBs?

You can check the remaining MBs of the Scom internet package just dial *125#. Now you can check your free minutes, SMS & Data usage by just dial *125# and press 1. For further detail dial 111-SCO-SCO (726-726).

How to Check Scom internet remaining MBs by Scom Mobile Apps?

You can check to remain MBs through the Scom Mobile app. Download Scom mobile app and register on it. After successful registration, you will view your remaining MBs. Balance and Free minutes.

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