Who is not bothered by the slow speed of internet? Here is a list of hacks that can help you speed up the your internet on Android smartphone.

Close background apps

Background apps consuming your internet bandwidth. Close all apps in the background to increase your internet speed. If you have 10 background apps running, your bandwidth is divided into 10 apps. If you’re not using these apps close all these apps to increase internet speed.

Uninstall unused apps

Uninstall unused apps from your smartphones. Sometimes you have install apps a week ago and after a week you don’t want to use them or not using them. You should delete these unused apps. Unused apps consume your ram and storage. The unused app also used your internet data in the background. So if you are not using apps, uninstall these apps to increase internet speed.

Use ads blocker

When your browsing on your mobile, some popup ads appear on your mobile screen. These popup ads use your internet bandwidth and slow down your internet speed and ruining your browsing experience. Use an ad-blocking mobile app to increase your internet speed and smother your browsing experience.

Clear cache data

You can increase internet speed by clearing the cache data. Sometimes cache data is full, which slows down your internet speed. Deleting your browsing history to clear the cache data.

Move to a different location

Many physical factors are involved in slow down your internet speed. Sometimes it’s weather, hills or mountains, and even solar activity. Major factors are the buildings and mountains around you.
If you’re in remote areas you will probably experience bad signals which slow down your internet speed. To increase your internet speed you should change your location move to a better location where signal strength is better.

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