PTCL All Internet Packages 2021

Package NameData(GBs)Valid forPrice
PTCL 1mbps1030 DaysRs.599
PTCL 1 MbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs.1299
PTCL 2mbps1530 DaysRs.750
PTCL 2mbp’s30 DaysRs.1450
PTCL 2 Mbps30 DaysRs.1549
PTCL 4mbps Unlimited Package30 DaysRs.1700
PTCL 4mbps30 DaysRs.2150
PTCL 8mbps Unlimited Package30 DaysRs.2150
PTCL 15mbps Package( Unlimited)30 DaysRs.2650
PTCL 25mbps Unlimited Package30 DaysRs.3200
PTCL 50mbps Unlimited Package30 DaysRs.5000
PTCL 100mbps Unlimited Package30 DaysRs.7500
PTCL 250mbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs.1000
PTCL Wingle 20 GB Data Package2030 DaysRs.1000
PTCL Wingle 30 GB Data Package3030 DaysRs.1250
PTCL Wingle 50 GB Data Package5030 DaysRs.1500
PTCL Wingle 75 GB Data Package7530 DaysRs.2000
PTCL Wingle 100 GB Data Package10030 DaysRs.2500
Ptcl 4mbps + Charji Package20030 DaysRs.4000
Ptcl Car-Fi package1530 DaysRs.4000
PTCL Special Car-Fi 6 Month3030 DaysRs.5000

How to Buy?

To order please call 1218 or visit your nearest PTCL Shop or PTCL Distributor.

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