Scom is a major internet service provider in remote areas of Gilgit Baltistan and AJK (Azad Jammu Kashmir). In far-flung regions, access to other networks is limited or not available so SCO’s services are significant here. SCO is the very first network to provide 4G services in this area. It has successfully connected its customers with the online world by offering daily, weekly and monthly data offers.

Customers can get scom sim to visit franchise. Staff will ask you for the original id card and after biometric verfication, you will get your scom sim.


Scom sim price is only Rs 200/-

Scom Sim Franchises

Azad Jammu & Kashmir

FranchiseOwner NameLocationEmail, Address, Phone and Cnic No
Fahad Telecom BhimberQaisar IrshadBhimber[email protected] Chowk Valley Plaza Bhimber CityPhone: 05828-479000, 0355-8808888Cnic No: 81102-4003477-5
Kashmir Digital TelecomMr AbrarKotli and Dadyal[email protected] Near 3AK Brigde, Lariadda kotli2. Arra – jattan DadyalPhone: 05826479999, 0355-6422666, 0355-6422555Cnic No: 37405-0464783-1
Baig Telecom KhuirattaIlyas BaigKhuiratta[email protected] Franchise By Pass Road, Khuiratta.Phone: 05826-480480, 0355-7757777Cnic No: 81202-1102497-9
Jarral & Sons MirpurZafar Javaid JarralMirpur[email protected] Stadium Mirpur CityPhone: 05827-438880, 0355-6139999Cnic No:81302-5851783-3
Neelum Comm MuzaffarabadMir Imdad HussainMuzaffarabad[email protected] Communication, Bank Road, MuzzaffarabadPhone: 05822-449764, 0355-7600005Cnic No:82203-8920573-1
Rawalakot CommSabir HussainRawalakot[email protected] Comm Group, Al Zaheer Mkt RawalakotPhone: 05824-444450, 0355-6300091Cnic No:35201-2360837-7
Ahmed Traders BaghShahid MuzaffarBagh/ F-Kahutaahmed [email protected] [email protected] Taders, Shop # 1, Near Shamas Bridge, Bagh AJ&KPhone:05823-479999, 0355-7404040Cnic No:354400-2052462-7

Gilgit Baltistan

FranchiseOwner NameLocationEmail, Address, Phone and Cnic No
Ali Maad TradersMubashir HussainSkardu[email protected] Maad Traders, Baqir Gen Store,HussainiChowk New Bazar SkdPhone: 05815-451009, 03454551006CnicNo: 71103-3713632-9
National CommKhapluEhsan AliKhaplu[email protected] Bazar Khapulo near FMFBPhone: 05816-450192, 0355-5353051CnicNo: 71301-9007547-3
Ahmad COMMUmer MananGilgit[email protected] Block, Shop no 678, Near National Bank GilgitPhone: 05811-451999, 0355-5145555CnicNo: 71501-7881819-7
AhunzadaCommInayatullahChillas[email protected] KKH Road ChillasPhone: 05812-450597, 0355-5555566 0355-5555518CnicNo: 71501-1283191-9
Parbat CommMalik HubabAstore[email protected] Bazar AstorePhone: 05817-451000, 0355-5155554CnicNo: 13401-6048785-1
Yaraan Corp/ Hunza& NagarAtaullah BaigHunza[email protected] KKH Road Aliabad HunzaPhone: 05813-455239, 0355-5107797CnicNo

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