Telenor – Facebook Flex

Price Rs. 0
Internet 1 GB Data
Duration 1 Day
To Subscribe Just use Facebook


Telenor & Facebook are working together to provide you FREE facebook. Now every Telenor user can get free facebook on their prepaid internet.

Facebook Flex is a new initiative of that allows users to assess Facebook from their smartphones.

So, how to start using Facebook for free with Telenor. Here are the codes and subscription process.

Details Telenor Facebook Flex Offer:

Use Telenor Facebook Flex for free on your smartphone, tablet PC or even on computer using your SIM card. Anyone who is a Telenor user can use this offer.

Eligibility for Activation of Flex Offer:

Telenor Talkshawk and djuice subscribers can avail this offer.

Telenor Facebook Flex Free Code

No activation or subscriptions charges as this offer are FREE.

Browser for Telenor Talkshawk Facebook Flex Offer

You can use Facebook Flex on the Facebook messenger lite and Facebook App lite. Or, you can also use the browser of your choice to turn on Facebook. No activation is required.

If you are using IOS, Facebook flex will only work on IOS browser at this time.

How to Use Facebook Flex Package on Telenor Sim?

Simply open from your smartphone. That’s how you can use the offer on your mobile for almost free. No need to get a package to browse Facebook again.

Conditions for Facebook Flex Activation Package

  • You can’t browse any other website except Facebook
  • Don’t click on external links in Facebook else you will be charged
  • Don’t download files and pictures from Facebook else you will be charged
  • Youtube videos embedded on Facebook will charge you Telenor MBs

Users can avail key features i.e. Share, Comment, Chat or Like with no data charges on Facebook Mobile Site. However, they will have to pay charges for visiting external links.


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